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Fiasco: Asiana Airlines flies with no meal. Passengers left starving.

This is not a story about Ryanair or Spirit. You are supposed to starve when flying those airlines. But you would normally expect a good meal on Asiana flight. Not anymore. Asiana Airlines is facing a massive in-flight meal crisis (link in English) since July 1st. Basically, numerous planes are flying with limited or no meals, and with significant delays as they need to wait for the meals to arrive (if lucky). On July 1st, 36 flights did not have meals and 51 flights were delayed, out of the 80 flights. Yesterday it got better; 18 out of 75 flights forced passengers to starve. This includes some of the longhaul flights; OZ541 flight from ICN to FRA did not have a second meal, even for the business class. And this flight lasts 11 hours. Even the pilot and flight attendant meals are not available, so the pilots are instead eating instant cup noodles . The FAs are giving up their cup noodles for the passengers. Why this happened? So on July 1st, Asiana changed their catering compa